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Ohhh man that makes me feel old I remember seeing that when it aired.



Old? lol.


I bought my first Lizzy album when Jailbreak was new. And I'm not even that old on here.

Ah well. Peace out everyone.


It's been cool. Same old same old round these parts. Pleasure being here.

Kinda bored. Keep on keepin on. Love y'all. Cheers.

It's been fun. Later.

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old! bah! I'll tell ya old!!


saw Rush before ppl knew who "Rush" was... Pert just joined, they played at a theater the next town over...

"Who are these guys???"


I saw the Cars before their first album was even in the stores at a small local club we all used to go to and play at occasionally..


and I'll be 60 in a few weeks.. (shh,, don't tell anyone, cuz I'm not going..)

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Guest Farnsbarns

Christ I remember seeing that. Don't think I had any idea who Gary Moore was at the time. I will always think of Sandy Toksvig as the lady from #73.


Who remembers the sandwich making competition, which always became the chip butty making competition when Neil Buchanan hosted it.

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I am sorry my parents did not do the nasty earlier and therefore I am as old as I am (50). I had to walk to and from school both ways up hill in the snow blah blah blah. I saw Jason Isbell last year if that counts.


LOL! Count? what's that?



Neil spells his last name Peart.


the first thing to go is the memory...

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