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Back in "ye olden days" I had a brown leather Dr. Song guitar strap. It was wide leather and had a really good length to it. It also had a pick pocket on the front/wide end as well. I'm 6'4" so finding a strap that's long enough is a challenge. It was also a thicker strap and had the rough/brushed leather inside so it didn't slide. It also had reinforced leather on the front end, so the leather didn't bow. I loved that strap but over time, wear and tear made it fall apart and it's long gone. Most of the leather straps I'm seeing are thin, not very wide, not very long, smooth on both sides and no reinforcements at the ends. It was fairly wide too, which is definitely a lot better than the thinner ones I've seen in the stores.


So, all that being said, does anyone know a good place to get such a strap? I'm not opposed to spending money on one or even getting one custom made.

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I don't know where in the world, literally, you live but these chaps make fantastic leather straps in a wide range of colours, lengths, widths, textures and with different detailing;




I bought one last month having read fellow forumite Riffster's thread which he started after he bought one for himself.

Post & Packing is free in the UK but I don't think it's too expensive (all things considered) to have it shipped to the States if you happen live in our former colony.

I might be talking out of turn but I don't think Riffster would mind if you sent him a PM for an idea of shipping cost.


If you fancy a gander here are links to the two threads (in date order);







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Longhorn Leathers


Custom made, incredible quality and detail. The owner/maker is Duncan Clark and is GREAT to work with. I've had two custom made and he's just started on a third one for me.








Give him a look.............also on facebook with even more pics of what he's able to make.



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I'm 6'6" tall so I also have issues finding straps long enough. I custom ordered a strap from a strap maker in Sydney, Australia (http://www.pccord.com/guitar_strap_no_23.htm) back in 2006, while I was living in Tucson. She does extremely good work and is still in business. That strap cost me around $220.00 USD, but the exchange rate for U.S. to Australian dollars was not favorable. It appears as if the exchange rate now is more favorable, so you may fare better. She's a very nice person (I met her on a business trip to Sydney in 2008) and very easy to deal with. It was a very hassle-free transaction.

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I would advise anyone looking for a leather strap to look for a local leathersmith to custom make one. They are everywhere, and I was surprised at how reasonably priced they can be. Plus, for taller people they can make one to fit.

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It can be very frustrating looking for a comfortable strap...


I always end up having to punch extra holes in leather straps to get exactly the length fitting I desire


Personal most 'fun' strap is the type included with most Fender guitars....bright Fender logo and plenty of adjustment....[thumbup]


I also found an excellent unbranded leather strap locally....'narrow' in terms of width(20mm)....plenty of length with a chrome buckle adjuster....and a sliding shoulder pad 70 x 280.....


Works well for acoustic and electric...(I like the narrow strap which sits out of the way of any movements etc)


I purchased 4 and cut them to length for different guitars....





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