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Solar Powered Pond........


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For BBG.


This is actually from last year, I've cleared more of that side of the pond. I've got catfish, bluegill, Large Mouth Bass, and minnows living together in perfect harmony.


Okay, it's not like that at all......



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The solar panel and regulator came from Windy Nation. The inverter is small, from Wal Mart, the pump came from Pet Smart, the Battery is an Interstate marine deep cell and I just wired it up and built the post and put it in an electrical box from Lowes.


It'll darn near run 24/7, but if it's overcast I'll have to shut it off a day and let it catch up.


The oxygen does wonders for the condition of the water.


No, it's a pretty small pond, but it's very healthy now, we also have tadpoles now, and bullfrogs.


Every single thing in this pond will kill and eat a Moth...........

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