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Northeast Texas Women

Buc McMaster

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You're hitting WAY too close to home now. I spent the year of 1981 living/working in Waxahachie, and partying in Dallas. In 1980 I was working in Tyler, TX. There is certainly something to say about "Texas Girls", but...


The video of this song didn't show your usual "light touch". I'm sure this is something you'll have worked out before the open mic night.

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Thanks, fellas. Replaced the original video with a new take. Little better tempo control, still not where it's going though.


Yeah, Cowboy, the Sully less the shoulder pad.........just a plain ol' leather strap. Sans pad the guitar can be moved around easily.


The twins were over last night.........they did indeed seem a bit off their game.........

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Why why why would anyone not want a j45.


Watching a show last night episode was set in Dallas Texas , was thinking about buc


Apologies for not commenting on the post when you first posted , but now you've redone it it's made me think about how much a performance changed with the slightest difference

Some songs need a bit of whallop and some need the gentlest of touches , can transform an interpretation.

There's really not a huge difference here in 1st and 2nd , technically speaking , but this version is easily twice as good


you gotta know when to hold and when to fold em


Bravo buc or maybe I just like the shirt better , who knows



I don't want you thinkin the first version was crap. Really wasn't.

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Great job, Buc! You made it your own. I'm a big Willis Alan fan. You are right, he only made one album. For years he was asked by interviewers when he was going to put out another. One time he got tired of that question and responded with, "What was wrong with the last one!?". [biggrin]

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