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My son's high school baseball team are Idaho State Champions!!!!

This news is a little old now, but I have been busy finishing up school and getting ready for the big move back to Cali.


His team, an Idaho 2A division school, won for the third time in as many years.

I don't think it would have happened in California, although anything is possible. One of my former students there just got drafted (the 54th pick overall) by the New York Yankees. The team he played on went to the California Division 3 finals, but lost to a team from So. Cal.


My kid's a natural when it comes to baseball. In his first game pitching this year he struck out nine batters in four innings, including the side in the fourth.

Proud of him. He's a good boy and like a said, a good baseball player.

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Thank you everyone.

A local newspaper held an awards dinner last night to honor all of the outstanding contributions by our county's high school athletes. My kids team was also named high school sports team of the year. So cool.

The thing about it that I think is so cool is that this baseball program has such a long wining history. We had no idea when we enrolled our son at the school that they took baseball so seriously.



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