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Midwest Rushfest 2017


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Here's one for all the Rush Fans. My son and I attended the Midwest Rushfest last night. It's a small (40-60 people) gathering of Rush fans. Two big Rush Fans organize this annual party. It was held at the VFW Post in Arnold, MO (very close to St. Louis). Anyway, the big part of the party is they got the local, very popular, RUSH Tribute Band, Thunderhead to show up with their gear. We had the drummer with his full Neil Peart Drum Kit on a revolving platform, and the Bassist/Keyboardist/Vocalist (yes he plays and sings/sounds just like Geddy). Their guitarist didn't show up(which was great for me [biggrin]. So the dream part is, it's a "build a band". You can bring your own gear, or use other peoples gear, and play with other musicians, or most importantly play with the Thunderhead Drummer and Bassist... Which is what my son and I did. My son plays bass, so Billy, the "Geddy" part, played keys and sang. It was as close as we'll ever get to actually jamming Rush Songs with Geddy and Neil. I brought all of my gear because I wanted my sound for this. My son brought his bass and pedal board, but used Billy's amp. We were pretty much the main act of the evening.


We played the following songs:

2112, The whole song.


Bastille Day

Red Barchetta

La Villa Strangiato

Working Man


My son also played a few other songs with another guitarist and musicians.


Looking forward to next year. [thumbup]

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Sounds like a hoot! I only know a couple Rush songs from the radio, but I'd really enjoy seeing all the Rush folks get up there and have fun with it. I hope next year is even better!



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That sounds like a LOT of fun. Now to find a KISSfest...


I know a few Rush songs, or did at one point in my time of playing. I'd definitely have to rehearse a bit. I wasn't able to hear or see the link you posted for the recording. I think you have it set for friends only and not public. I'd love to though.

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