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Just because they white-wash it away doesn't mean it didn't happen.

I'm a history teacher. I have a degree in Social Science.

There are undoubtedly some events taking place in the world that some people would like to discuss.

White-washing those topics away does not change history. It doesn't make those topics any more or less important in the grand scheme of things.

The former Soviet Union was notorious for sanitizing historical events that did not fit the political leadership's narrative.

As I look over the topics in the lounge this afternoon, I notice that some of those topics have been deleted.

Yes, religion, politics, culture and society are often touchy topics.

Just because some folks can't have a civilized discussion about such things, doesn't mean we have to stop discussing them.

If you wish to reply to this topic, please keep it civilized.

If you wish to send me a private message, I will do my best to respond to it in a reasonably short time and will keep it civilized.


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I don't understand why its so hard for some people to get...


This forum doesn't allow talk of politics.. Its one of the rules on here, its as simple as that.


And the problem is exactly that people cant seem to keep civilised about it.. When ever these topics come up there will always be people with different opinions and it ALWAYS ALWAYS gets down and dirty in the end..


Just don't post about it on here.. That's it.. (not that its really my pace to say this but common, how many times must we go through this?).


No ones saying you cant talk about it and theres plenty of other places on the net to go and do so OR as you say talk privately through the message system.

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Frankly the discussion yesterday could only be seen as civilized from one side of the fence. Proposing the eradication of a religious group is not what people usually refer to as civilized discussion, no matter how you want to look at it.


It's an ugly conversation. Not really necessary for the forum here which is intended for all people.

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