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New to me '03 WM-45. Starting to get old enough now to be really broken in with the mahogany Gibson slope tone.


I just put on some Waverly tuners (white ovals), non bleached bone saddle and fire stripe guard from Stu Mac. I shaped the guard with the old black one as a guide, beveled edges with a razor blade at 45 degree angle as best as I could.


Came out ok, but just noticed that bubbles formed under guard after I stuck on the 3M double sided tape. [cursing] Now I'm awaiting several more 3M sheets that are being sent (got them from e-bay, and the shipping wasn't bad - .49 Cents. Going to attempt it again - this time I'll make sure to press hard as I apply to the back of guard. That is after I get the guard off & clean up all the glue again...


Tuners are a pleasure to own. I had to drill upper holes, and also had to ream out peg holes out a touch before the push in bushings would seat down all the way. BTW, I got the reamer for 2.49 at Harbor Freight. Home Depot has torch cleaner tips for adjusting nut slots for like 5 bucks.




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Yes, a very enjoyable guitar. I've previously owned two WM-45s, including the satin & gloss versions.


You might want to try darkening the morado bridge with some F-One fingerboard oil to better match your darker fingerboard. F-One is my new favorite, with natural oils & no petroleum distillates.


The tuners & pickguard match up nicely with that instrument - tastefully done!

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I have a Tobacco Sunburst WM-45. I liked it better than my Martin D-35 s or my Taylor.  Till the dry weather of our area cracked the top. I will have that fixed but the guitar always sounds great anyway.

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The WM-45 was the only one of the four models in that series to have been made more than three years.   The  WM-185 may just be one of the hardest to find Bozeman-built guitars of all time.

I owned a WM-00 for a bit.  Should have been a killer guitar with its 1 3/4" nut, full jumbo depth just under 15" rounded lower bout  and such.  But that guitar had an incredibly anemic low end.  I finally figured out why - only one tone bar.  

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