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Nick Drake's Tone


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The guy above is serious - been watching him for a while.


This fact is serious as well :

I happen to know a person who visited Drake's parents in their home in Tanworth-in-Arden 40 years ago and actually slept in Drakes untouched room.

I have promised the man not to reveal what was in Drake's record collection, but he tells me that the guitar there was a small body Martin.

Now he is not a musician, but an artist and serious rock-fan. And when I ask him, "are you sure", he replies absolutely convincing.

This points toward the 000-28 theory, which almost no one talks about (most mention the Guild M-20 or a D-28), but is underlined in the posted video.


Apart from that. All respect to the mission toward recreating an already existing legendary tone'n'sound.

But good fellows ! develop your own.

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I have tried some of Nicks compositions and agree that this young man pulls it off well. The tunings and the classical hand position are critical. As far as guitar choice I would have to say small body as well, the M20 he is so well associated with? Not to my ears. Oh and dead strings, I believe, and have. The hand position I could never, too foreign here.

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