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forum not secure ?


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Hey Jim,


so this is not a big deal really, given what this site is.


You may find none of the forums have an SSL (secure socket layer) certificate in place.


Look at the top left side of the URL window, where you see forum.gibson.com/index.... an SSL enabled site will show a lock icon. Sites without SSL will not show a lock icon.


Check your mail browser if you use a browser for reading email or online banking is another good example.


You should see that lock icon, right next to the i (with the circle around it.) next to the url for the site.


When you login to your email or online bank account, you would normally use https in your url link for these kind of sites. If you don't the server should/will redirect you to https.


If you click that lock Icon and page thru, eventually it will show you the certificate, chains of trust, etc..


With Https links, all data passed to the server from your browser and back, are encrypted and are not passed as clear text.


Http links do not encrypt the data going from your client to the server and back etc..


For the forum it's just http, there is no certificate / encryptions. So a hacker could grab your password when you access the forum.


With https a hacker can not decipher it, (encrypted) the data going from your browser client to the server and back to your client is always encrypted (eg: secured)


with http, there is no encryption in place.


That is the difference. That's what Not Secure means.

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thanks for the great info ! I dont use my computer for purchasing or any business ( Im old school/old ) but was curious as I see "secure" on so many sites -have a great day and "stay tuned" Jim


~40+ years of working the various areas around IT support is good for somethings aye?




I feel a little insecure from time to time on this forum, but thats just me.


I have a spare fuzzy blanky or two if ya need it

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