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I don't know how they figure it to have a slim body. If you scroll down it says the body is 40.00 depth while it's 16.00 wide !


Made me grab a tape measure.


My J-45 is 4-3/4 deep.


My J-15 is 4-5/8 deep.


I didn't know that until just now.

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Man... I think its a great move.


I like the bridge better too. I think this would be a great gig guitar. Even better would be this J45 Walnut Avant Garde :




If you were in the market for a mid-priced acoustic to gig with in style, wouldn't you rather have one of these than a Taylor 200 or 300? Or a Martin Performing Artist DCPA4? I would.

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Well, thanks a lot, Murph. I just had a "thank you, Jesus" moment. Before the first morning cup, tape measure in hand, stood my dear sweet little wm-45 up in the hallway, because I was fairly sure the 40.00 Gibson was talking about in the specs you'd mentioned was referring to was the overall height. Walked away to grab the ruler to put across the top of the headstock straight out from the wall, and then heard that dreaded sound. . .




. . . the guitar fell, forward, and impacted into the wall on the other side of the hallway, making the Gibson "kiss" imprint into the wall. Would this not have been a broken headstock scenario if the guitar fell backwards instead? Don't know. I'm just simply thankful. Guitar didn't even go out of tune.



Oh yeah, it's 40.00" tall. On the specs page you'd referenced, it says 4.4 inches in "height", your measured J-15 height of 4 5/8 = 4.625.

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Actually better without lines : The ghost of disaster.


I recall how my sleeve fetched the headstock of the J-45 Std. while opening a window just after I got it in 10.

It fell for over and landed flat face on the wooden floor, , , remotely ringing out what seemed like a death-hymn.

But the slope-horse survived without a scratch (and I believe it stayed in tune too). What a lesson.

"Most accidents happens at home", as they say. This incident taught me never to drop focus while maneuvering with or around guitars.


Btw. I was centimeters from hurting my eye badly a couple of days ago. And it was not at home, but just down the street.

Passed some sharp metal-tubes sticking out behind a car roof after darkness had fallen. Bless U guardian angel. Heaven knows, I was lucky there.

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