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I must say im quite impressed with this guitar. Charvels were the original "Hot Rod" guitars from the late 70's early 80's. I always wanted one, so when I saw they were being brought back I had to have me one!


Easily the best deal I have ever got guitar wise.

$1099 gets you...


- Alder body

- 1/4 sawn one piece maple neck. Neck radius starts a 12" and flattens to 16"

- Seymour Duncan pups (JB Bridge/ 59' Neck)

- Floyd Rose


Flawless design, and well built. These are no nonsense, no frills guitars. They are made to rock and rock they do...very well.

The neck is very comfortable. For those of you who like a shaved neck this ones for you. Im my opinion its more of a shredders neck then Ibanez's Wizard.

The Bridge pup is a Duncan JB ( Jeff Beck )...Its got a great rock tone and never gets too muddy. It cleans up nicely too, but these guitars sound best with some good ol' healthy gain!


The neck pup is a Duncan 59'...Sweet tones, a tad darker and sounds fantastic pounding out power chords. The sustain on these pups is a thick, in your face vibe...very nice.


Theres no tone switch. These pups are full out. Nothing but a volume knob and thats all she wrote.

I can sum up this guitar in one word....Fun! I had a blast! Im a child of the 70's/80's I remember those crazy hair bands and metal rockers, and now I have the "It" guitar for that era. Make no mistake, this is a serious guitar. Hand crafted in the USA using top of the line componants. This baby will go head to head with any guitar out there. I was shocked at the price. I was told they are flying off the shelves so it seems alot of guys feel the way I do. It even comes with the cool back plate like they had back then. It comes in a few different colours. I picked black because I think its got a nice vibe to it!

If you get the chance check one out...youll have a blast!

Ill post some pics as soon as my sister returns my camera....but ill post a stock photo.



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I checked out a Jackson SL1 Soloist a few days ago and didn't like how thin the neck was. Back in my metal days, I would have loved it but have been playing thicker necks for so long now that the thin ones just don't feel comfortable to me. How does the Charvel neck compare to that or, say, a Fender 57 RI?

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I'm gassin' for sure. Thanks a lot, deepblue! The Duncan JB is the pup I always used in my 80s shred guitars - good to know it comes stock in that one. I am still torn between buying the Charvel and building my own super Strat with the Floyd and Duncans. Might be fun to do the build, but you got instant shred gratification with that San Dimas!

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