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Interesting story.

My wife and I own a medical billing company. A few years ago, we used BOA, and had EXCELLENT credit. We were experiencing some growth, and wanted to hire on new employees, upgrade our servers, get a bigger office. We went to BOA for a business loan. We were turned down. We'd been with them for years (personal and business), had excellent credit, the works.

A few days later there was news article on the local TV station that stated that BOA was giving ILLEGAL ALIENS credit cards, loans, business loans etc. We checked into it, it was true, pulled all our accounts from them.

We now do banking with a credit union. We get treated better, and don't have to worry about any available money going to illegals instead of job producers.

I told this story to hundreds of people, my clients, family, friends. Now they are needing bailouts. Good for them. Keep making all those bad paper loans!

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I used to have a savings balance of $65,000 with them. When I bought my house they turned down my loan application because I do not have enough credit history since I immigrated to the US only 12 years ago and I live within my means. I showed them my Green Card and my 10-year worth of earnings in a good paying steady job and nothing.


They said, maybe you need to build more credit, we'll give you a credit card with a max of $500 line of credit for an annual fee of $65. I laughed because in the middle of the sentence she remembered my account balance.


Later on I heard about them giving credit to illegal immigrants. I feel sometimes I fall through the cracks but I guess I am not the only one.


The day I took my money out of there to buy a house the lady teller told me, you know we have mortgage loans, I replied energetically: I know!!!

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The CEO of a large American bank was sitting at his desk one day trying to figure out new and innovative ways to increase the fees and penalties on his customers. Suddenly and without fanfare, Satan himself walked into the banker's office.


"My good man," said Satan, "I think I may have a deal you will like."


"Really?" replied the banker. "I'm all ears."


"I can help you institute policies at this bank that will increase the fees and penalties on your customers by five-hundred percent," said Satan.


"Ohhh, I like that!" said the banker, drooling.


"And we'll do it in a way so cunning that your poor, stupid customers won't even know they're being ripped off. All I require in return are the eternal souls of your mother, your wife, your children and grandchildren."


The banker smiled broadly, thought for a moment and said, "C'mon, what's the catch?"



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