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My sister brought me back an Abbey Road kit last year when she went to London.

I have been wearing my Abbey Road hat recently....it has the name in 60s swirly writing and people try to read it, impossible, and go a bit cross eyed.....but I man, how cool is it to have an Abbey Road official hat?

That is my contribution.

I heard they were going to re-do “Hey Dude”...oops, sorry, wrong movie.




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On 2/7/2020 at 7:46 AM, Sgt. Pepper said:

Ah bootlegs. Nothing like music that sounded like it was recorded in a pillow.


 Some were certainly crap when it came to sound quality but many of the boots were re-mastered better than the commercial releases  of the day.   The Glyn Johns mix of Let It Be was available on boot a decade before it was commercially released.  And when asked why it took so long to release the Basement Tapes, Dylan responded he thought everyone already owned it.  

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I'm among the kids who took their bicycle and drove to the neighbor town to see the original when it was fresh - BIG night out !

Really look forward to the new angle. And the B-camp couldn't have chosen a better person to re-cut it = Peter Jackson. BIG nite ahead !

O dears, , , even the anniversary releases come to an end. Help !

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1 hour ago, E-minor7 said:


Why do they all look so pissed their Beatles for f sake. Oh that's right they all had to endure Yoko. I used to have Let It Be on 8-track. I have a Capitol and Apple vinyl LP of it and the 2009 Remastered CD and the CD from when they first got released on CD.

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6 hours ago, jvi said:

HEY SGT, check yer spelling AND Yoko is a great human that did NOT break up beatles...just saying....

I know she didn't. The Beatles broke up The Beatles. No where did I say she did, but they still had to deal with her and have her in the studio like she was part of the band cause she was tied to John's hip. She may be a good person but her music was garbage and her screeching is unbearable. Side 2 of Live Peace In Toronto is what people in Hell get to listen to on their coffee when they are done standing on their head immersed up to their waste in fecal matter.

I was not and English major in college, so spelling is not my forte.

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