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Free app to visualize the guitar fretboard: fret{notes}


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Hi everyone,
Just posting the info for this app that may be used to learn, study, preview, etc ,
things related to the guitar fretboard. From Scales, related Modes, Intervals,
add/del strings, changing tunings, etc.
Nothing fancy, but it helps me so maybe it may help you too.
It's free and available as a Google Chrome Extension. Since posting links is a bit
suspicious, in case you're interested in, just go to the Google Chrome Store and
search for the word: fretnotes or fret{notes}
ps. once installed, read the content in the box: Keyboard Shortcuts and the next box
that contains info about editing: color, insert and delete notes. With that in mind
you're good to use the app.
All the Best, Ken

ps. The text in the attached image is what you need to know to operate the app.


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Removed links because it can appear suspicious
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