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NAD! (+ ridiculous Marshall Stack)

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By the weirdest of coincidences, a batch of the old '80s Model 5xxx Series solid state Marshall combos have come up for sale locally over the last 6 or 7 years, all from different sellers.  So I currently have four of the boogers.  They're just so affordable that I can't resist, and they actually sound good, though admittedly each doing the same "that one thing."
Still, I don't really need a super-versatile amp with a bazillion channels/options, so those old beaters are actually a good match for me (and my budget!).  All that said, I do have a batch of other amps, both all-tube, hybrid, and modeling, but have never owned a tube Marshall.
Until now!  A semi-local muso who lives out in the sticks, over an hour away from me, listed a DSL40C for $350 USD.  It included the footswitch, and had a Creamback speaker upgrade.  Fortunately, the seller works here in town, so I had him come over to Casa Krashpad for the sale.  Here's a shot of the new acquisition with my fanciest guitar, haha.
Since 5 Marshall combos, even with 4 being cheapies, is a smidge excessive even for me, I will sell the biggest of the solid states, as it is big, heavy, and 100W is really more than I need.  So that should offset a decent part of the cost of the new one.  But meanwhile, since there's no telling how long I will have all five, I thought one truly ridiculous "Marshall Stack" photo would be apropos.
Ladies and Germs, I give you the Tower of Power™!
Top to bottom:
Marshall 5002 20W 1x10 "Lead 20"
Marshall 5275 75W 1x12 "75 Reverb"
Marshall 5210 50W 1x12
Marshall DSL40C 40W tube 1x12
Marshall 5213 100W 2x12 "MOS-FET 100 Reverb Twin"
Have fun kids!
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That’s a great price on the DSL40c, and with the Celestion upgrade to boot! 

With the creamback, that is an excellent amp setup.   I did the same thing to mine as well.   





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Turned out it was a good thing I took the ridiculous pic, as yesterday I unloaded the 100W MOS-FET 2x12, and so I am now back down to 4 Marshall combos (3 solid-states + the "new" DSL).

Goes without saying I turned a profit on the 100W 2x12.  😉  👍    Given the pandemic, precautions were taken.


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