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On 8/1/2020 at 9:22 PM, SteveFord said:

I had a single cutaway a long time ago.

An inexpensive guitar back in the day so it's not going to be like a 335.

Especially since it’s fully hollow.  

It may have been a ‘student’ guitar but (imho) they are excellent. They just don’t have any bling at all. They are also very, very light and easy on the back. 

There are full depth and thin line versions, with and without cutaway, and one or two pickups. I believe (but am not certain) all non-cutaways, regardless of depth, are single pickup. The full-depth cutaway versions are rare. 

Mine started its life as a 125T (thinline, no cutaway, one pickup) but someone added a cutaway and when I got it I added the bridge pickup - it had been so abused it had no collector’s value anyway. This is my absolute favorite electric guitar, it covers everything from jazz to blues to, say, AC/DC should that interest you. Bad choice for metal. It’s hollow, so you learn to work with feedback - although, since I use small amps and low gain, I’ve never had an issue. 

The thinline version is directly comparable to an ES-330 or Casino. The full depth version could be compared to a P90 175. 

I will say this - P90s on a completely hollow body are about as close to heaven as I’ll ever get. 


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1 hour ago, stevo58 said:

The thinline version is directly comparable to an ES-330 or Casino. The full depth version could be compared to a P90 175. 

Re Kalamazoo-made versions of the ES-125, other than the body depth, even the thinline version shares many build details with the ES-175.  The 14-fret neck joint, elevated fingerboard, and pickup location are all identical to a 175.

The cutaway full-depth 125 models bump comparisons up considerably and are in fact so similar to a 175, that two-pickup versions can command a rather high price on the used market.  I have a 125T (non-cutaway), and agree that they are very good guitars.  Gobs of delicious P-90 tone in a typically affordable package. 

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If you can - play it before purchasing.  You don't mention what year it might be but they were not expensive guitars to begin with and the older it is the more chance it may have problems with the neck, frets, electronics.  I had a thinline cutaway with one P-90 as my first electric and it served me well, but within 5 years I moved on to a Les Paul.  But I was playing rock n roll in a band so the 125 didn't cut through the mix well, and the band was loud so feedback was a problem.  They can be fun and very useful, but it is not a high end guitar so it will have some limitations.  I'd just recommend plugging it in and playing it to see if it's going to make you happy.   I see them for sale anywhere from about $1600 up to $3000 and for that kind of money you might find something more modern that you will enjoy more.

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Recently inherited a 1954 ES125. just reglued the cracked headstock. otherwise it is in pretty good condition with only a few areas of loose binding. the tuning machines were previously replaced with some cheap ones, new ones on order. the original tailpiece has been replaced with a Bigsby B6 which is cool but i wish i had the original.  the pickup seems to work. overall the finish is in good shape (except the back of the headstock where it was cracked). I haven't  been able to play it yet with the broken headstock and i can hardly wait. very cool looking guitar. 

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