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NGD Sg Standard '61 Sideway Vibrola


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Hi All

New sg day 🙂

 Haven't Bought since 2014, so when they bought back the sideway i coulden't resist it 🙂 
Great Guitar. Beautiful Finnish, Great neck.  Lovely dark Rosewood. 

Enjoy the pickup's. Lightweight, only 6.10 Ibs (Pick of Guitar on wight From Store) 

Only Negative is the Cheap Plastic Parts, Those have i Replaced With new Pickguard,Trussrod with Les Paul, Volume and Tone controls and a Amber Switch tip

Yea And i knew all about the sideway Vibrole trouble. But leave it and it's good. Can get away with gentle use 
Here's a pick the Billy Gibbon's way 🙂 



Made a Video review, just for fun to



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6 hours ago, SteveFord said:

Boy, that's handsome.

How slim is the neck on that model?  My 2012 '61 Reissue feels like a Firebird neck that's had about 3mm shaved off of the back.

Not that flat feeling on this model  
Very Nice neck,  if i would be very strick a Tiny bit off the shoulders  and IT would have been perfect. But AS IT is im very happy .  And the job done on the fretwork and nut is superb. 


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Hi guys

im still loving my sideway vibrola sg, great guitar.  The trem gives a vibe.

I’m working on a solution with some additional sponges so it’s go back to start point zero every time.  
That’s the problem with this trem it’s to loose in it’s design.

Kinda lazy of Gibson really, they could have made it useful if they put in the effort. 
I see some shop’s advertising Gibson redesign the trem and it works perfectly now. Big lie it’s as bad as ever. Not that I’ve tried the original one 

But as long as I don’t touch it it’s fine👍
the sg desire never die😎

Some YouTube shorts videos with the sg and attempt on singing,  just having fun🥳

Motorhead Ace of Spades- Cover


shot down in flames AC-DC Cover


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