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Gibson Les Paul nitro reaction, help


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Yesterday I played a show, wearing t-shirt with print of one rock band I like..Long story short, where guitar touched that rubbery print on t-shirt, there are some spots now, like chemical reaction in nitro lacquer..Tried today to remove it with Gibson Pump polish, did not go away..Any advices or this is permanent battle scar? thanks


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Yes lighter fluid is a cleaning agent, yes safe on nitro.

Yes the the finish gets wrecked with some T shirt surfaces. No namptha will not fix it.

Same goes with mosquitoe spray like OFF, it will wreck a nitro finish ( found out the hard way)

Also you missed Gig rule #1: never advertise another band when you're playing a gig.

From what I know about nitro surfaces, you'll probably want to get some nitro from Stewmac, put it on the effected area 

Nitro will blend into itself. 

Since it's on the back, if it was me I'd leave it as a gig scare

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I would try Virtuoso cleaner and if it comes off, then the polish.  But what a lot of people don't realize is that polishing is actually removing a little of the finish to get down to a fresh layer, so caution and use sparingly.  I played an outdoor gig in the evening once and the mosquitos were killing us.  So between sets we loaded ourselves up with bug spray and sure enough when I got home and took my guitar out to clean it the back was a mess where it came in contact with my shirt that had a lot of bug spray on it.  It took a long time, but eventually after several cleanings and polishing it was gone.  

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