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have you seen this one?


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Yea, that "club foot" lookin' headstock is pretty buttugly.

Hey XXX , how do you put her on a stand in between sets? But No, I don't think your reverse V is ugly.

But you want to see awkward... take a look at my non-reverse 12string Bird on my avatar.


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It's growing on me...


I had to have a reverse V as soon as I saw it (no regerets, I want a black one too!!!), but the reverse Explorer left me cold at first.


Maybe, just maybe...


I don't like the walnut, if I wait, I wonder if they'll release it in walnut, White & Ebony versions with gold truss rod covers =D>


One in Hot Rod Metallic Red with zebra 57 Classics and black lightning bolt pickguard would really be something =D>

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