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This weekend I played in a lacrosse tournament.... During the last game I went in to shoot and the defense mans stick caught my thumb and pulled it back.... I thought that I simply jammed it and I would be fine..... Ten miunets later and I wanted to cut it off!!!!


I thought that I could still play guitar but it swelled too badly. I took it to the doctor and...




I "Seriously fractured my metacarpel bone"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!#-o #-o ](*,)


After all of the "OH S:-# :-# T's!!!!!!!!!" I began to wonder about my guitar playing...


My band has a gig on the 16th and the doctor said I might be getting a splint by then and could play..=D>


Any advice to try to keep my muscles in my hand and fingers from deteoriating while in the cast???


Do you think that I sould use my LP with the 60's neck to get back in the groove when this thing comes off??


Much thanks

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dude that sucks major gonads

oh well at least it wasnt as bad as mine...

i was inncoently chopping onions for my beef stew and the damn bastard upstairs decided to put the blade right on my left hand's index finger...

i had a gig the next day, oh woe is me.

that was a year ago

i think the rubberband thing will work, try it out

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that sucks. i broke both of my arms last year in a bike(cycle) wreck. I had that exact type of cast on my left hand for about a month. It hurt and was pretty much unplayable for that month and then about 2 more afterward because it was so sore and weak.


My advice: Get a lap steel :-

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