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“For the Love of a Man”


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I may have posted a video of an earlier draft of this tune, but I think this is the final one, mainly because I’m tired of screwing around with it. I think it finally says what I want it to say.

The song is about Blanche Barrow and written from her perspective. She was the only member of the Barrow-Parker gang who wasn’t a psychopath. Not coincidentally, she’s also the only one who wasn’t shot to death by the law. She lived to old age, dying in Dallas in 1988 at the age of 77.

I’m playing it on the Farida OT-22, strung with DR Sunbeams.


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36 minutes ago, MissouriPicker said:

Another good look at human beings and their history.  Even the minor players have a history to tell. …..  Another good one, David!

Thanks. I’m actually in the midst of reading Blanche’s book, “My Life With Bonnie & Clyde.” Interesting read. She was pretty normal, but loved Buck (who she called, “Daddy”) deeply and would stay with him no matter what he did. I could add another verse or two, but I’m trying to keep the song relatively short.

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