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16 hours ago, Red 333 said:

Such a nice, dry tone. What guitar are you playing? 

Great playing and song selection. Perfect for a winter's morning. Your video reminds me of my home growing up, too 

Happy Holidays!

Red 333

That’s a mid-to late 70s Goya nylon string guitar.   The story behind it is that circa 2000, a woman who was playing at an open mic I was at sold it to me because she said she was out of work and needed money to eat.  I bought it sight unseen, but when I looked at it at home I noticed that although it was a nylon string guitar, she had it strung with steel strings and the neck and body were warped as a result…and the action was really high.  I took the steel strings off, and put on nylon strings but the steel strings had already done their damage to the guitar.  So I loosened the strings, put the guitar in its case, and basically  put it away for about 20 years until the fall of 2019 when I decided to see if there was someway to try to fix the guitar.  To my surprise, when I merely retightened the nylon strings, I found that the neck and body of the guitar without the inappropriate tension of the steel strings being on it, all the years later had on its own reverted back to its original shape…and the action on it was now fine.   So while having fun playing the guitar that was suddenly playable after all those years later,  I turned on a home recorder and  picked out the holiday melodies you hear in the recording.  I did them all in one or two takes while my wife was watching Greys Anatomy or something on TV in the other room.   Liking the sound I heard, a day or two later, I edited out any duplicate takes, added a video loop I had shot on my phone  while it snowed, and put it on YouTube.   So the nice dry tone you mention, is probably the result of the guitar sitting dormant for about 20 years,  the old nylon strings I put on it after taking off the inappropriate steel strings, and then my going with flow of how the guitar was sounding as I was actually playing it for the first time since I bought it from that woman circa 2000.  BTW, I never saw the woman again so I have no clue if she really needed the money for it to eat or if she was just unloading a classical guitar she knew she ruined by putting steel strings on it.  But, all is well that ends well.

Glad you enjoyed the music and the growing up memories it brought you!

Happy holidays!


QM aka “Jazzman” Jeff

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