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Internal label ( serial #) peeling off


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Nothing too fierce.  Do you have UHU?   Sort of an all-purpose minor-league super glue.  That would do.....even a decent glue stick might do it well enough for a few years.

You  (obviously) will have to make a wire hook thingie, pull the label up and somehow put a dab of glue beneath.  Then you need to smooth over the label very carefully with something like the back of an old disposable razor...bent spoon?   Less is more here IMO.


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I've actually done this successfully. Here's what I did:

1. Gently remove old label with a pair of tweezers working from the outside in.

2. Once label is removed make sure there's no residue where the label was. If there is, gently clean it with a very small piece of super fine steel wool.

3. Place the label upside down on a piece of paper. Use a glue stick liberally on the back of the label being sure the edges are completely covered.

4. Carefully place the label back in place with a pair of tweezers.

5. Work from the center out in a circular motion with a q-tip pressing the label down. Be sure to press the edges thoroughly.

6. Be sure to wipe off any extra glue with a q-tip if it should squeeze over the edges. It shouldn't though, that's the advantage of using a glue stick. Also be sure to wipe the f-hole edges with a tissue should any glue comes in contact with it.

I did this on an ES-175 about 10 years ago and it's still going strong. Good luck!

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