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Stop tailpiece stud/anchor problem


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I took my 04 SG apart to clean it today and when putting the tailpiece studs back in the anchor on the bass side won’t accept the stud. Confirmed it’s the anchor since the post will fit in the other anchor fine. Is this something I could fix myself with chasing the threads or should I just bring it in to my tech? I had a look at Stew Mac but I’m not quite sure what I’d need to clean out the anchor threads.

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So the threaded insert on the guitar body is the problem?

I expect you tried both studs in the bass side insert? Neither fit?

If my assumptions (above) are correct, then you may have:

1/ Foreign object in the insert (unlikely)

2/ a distortion of the thread. This can be caused by overtightening or forcing in some other way. The best way to correct this is to recut the thread with a tap. 

This is what a tap looks like



The adjustable wrench is holding the thread cutting tap. The tap must be the exact same thread size & type as the insert.

Tools like this might be too expensive for the fix you need.

Another option might be to simply buy new threaded inserts.

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I know I’ve seen guys on YouTube replace tailpiece bushings before. Wouldn’t want just anyone doing this for me - since I’d have to find someone to help me with a problem like this. Annoying problem to have, but doesn’t trash the guitar if a repair is in order. Neck issues are the things I say that make a guitar more time and money than what they are worth. Haven’t had this issue before though, so good luck resolving this. Can’t add too much more other than some boiler-plate stuff here. 

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