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Disappointed but also not out $4k


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I found a late 70s 335 that had "SUN STUDIOS" stamped into the back of the headstock. Almost bought it. Then I emailed Sun. I got a reply saying they didn't have any positive way of stating it was "one of theirs" or not, but said it didn't seem likely, and a response from another Sun employee doubting its stated provenance for a few different reasons. They didn't flat out say "no way" but doubted it pretty hardcore. 

Very nice of them to reply, even though it wasn't what I wanted to hear. And yes, I would have paid $4300 to own a guitar that was in the Sun arsenal.

I don't suspect any tomfoolery by the seller or a previous owner, it may have been part of the arsenal at Sam Phillips "new" (1959) studio at some time, or Shelby Singleton could have had something to do with it.... who knows. I can't imagine someone with a set of letter stamps from Harbor Freight trying to fake something of this nature. Maybe there's a "Sun Studio" in Sheboygen...

I haven't had anything 335-esque for a long time and therefore I'm shopping. A Lucille would be nice.  As would a 355. I'm open.

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On 2/23/2024 at 7:51 PM, Rabs said:

For me..  I would look at a 339...  Fabulous guitars. Id say a 336 (which of course I have) but if you want that more airy sound a 339 is better..  However if you want a great rock guitar with the looks, you cant beat a 336.

Also the Ibanez semi hollow types are really nice too, and way cheaper. Like

Ibanez AS73 G BKF – Thomann UK

There is a Ibanez Prestige model similar to the 339 size & style. I found one in Andertons a short while back. The Prestige models are Fujigen builds. They run a bit more expensive mind. 


I actually am interested in the 335 / 345 / Lucille models. I'd love to try a couple out.

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