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490r/490t pickups compared to the classic 57's


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22 hours ago, Brianboru said:

Hi I have a Les Paul  faded someone has swopped the bridge 490 with Duncan Seymour will I gain anything to put it back to standard.

Probably nothing significant other than cosmetics if say the duncan covered or on covered, and is the stock (neck) pickup covered?   

If you are planning on selling it, than it would be something to consider,

sound / tone wise, if you like the duncan over the 490, there's probably no real compelling reason to put the 490 back.

my '95 LP has the 498/490 combo, as does one of my SGs.  I like them.

it's really a matter of what your ears are telling you,  unless again, you're looking to move it and want to put it all back "as stock"


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This is an old thread but this is a great topic to keep going with....

  • It is hard to believe my story with a 2010 Gibson SG Standard ends with 5 stars for the 490T pickup in the bridge slot. It started with the 498T....didn't like it...shrill and too hot....then a Gibson 57 Classic plus...no mojo, not hot enough...then a Dimarzio Saturch8...now this pickup had nice tone, but way too hot...caused microphonic feedback at high gain. At this point i was getting frustrated and thought about selling this guitar. But then i read some Gibson Forum stories by several people that swore by the 490 pickups in their SG's and Les Pauls saying they had the best tone overall for these guitars. Didn't buy it at first, but had nothing to lose. I put the 490T in the bridge....WOW!! I was blown away at how good this pickup sounded clean, crunchy, and high gain...just everything you could want...articulate, hot, medium, or clean...it really does it all. I mainly play progressive rock/metal, rock/blues, alternative rock. Works great for all these styles. Save yourself a lot of trouble and expense...just put the 490 set in your SG, or leave them there...you won't regret it...the 490R in the neck position is amazing as well...great tone, smooth, sweet, nice mids and high end chime without overemphasized high end. So newer does not mean better....the 490's have stood the test of time....and for Gibson SG's at least, they still sound the best.
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I am new to this plugged in world. I am weighing in because I just bought a Les Paul Tribute which has 490's bridge and neck. I love the way my guitar sounds (that's why I bought it) and I am afraid reading these posts because its a rabbit hole. I have too many rabbit holes.  Anyways enjoying being educated. Cheers all.

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I now have guitars with both 57 Classics and 490r & t. 

I've been using the 490 guitar for almost 3 weeks now. I created a setting on the THR30 for a clean mellow tone. A couple of tweaks later, I think I have it about right. When I used a 57 Classic guitar with the same setting I was surprised to find it was breaking up more. I really didn't expect that. Steve Ford said the 490s were more aggressive though he may have meant more top end. 

I don't have a favourite at present, but I'm still using the 490s for cleans mostly.

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