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Rock 'N Cholesteroll


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Just saw Pure Prairie League, The Outlaws, Charlie Daniel's Band and the KHITS All-Star Band last Saturday Night at the Rock 'N Cholesteroll concert here in St. Louis.


It was awesome. Charlie Daniels had a beautiful Cherry Sunburst Les Paul. The Outlaws ROCKED and PPL play some songs I'd forgotten all about. Brought back some good memories.


Anybody else there???:-s

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Eddie Money ****ing blows.

Funny you should mention that.


It's because of all the blow....



He's done some great music, had some good rock n roll but went all soft doing the ballads.


First saw him nearly 30 years ago, he was stoned off his *** then.

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cholesterol sucks.


Lipitor made my feet hurt' date=' too.


Be advised.[/quote']


Yeah, I think those ads should be cancelled. It's up to your doctor to decide wether you need some drug or not, people shouldn't be going to their doctor saying, "Hey, I saw this ad on TV. I think these'll help me with my condition. Can you write me a prescription?


Sometimes it's ALOT easier for doctors to just write the prescription than to convince you that you don't need the drug.

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