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Me with "my" R7 Goldtop


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Yeah, I posted about a year ago about this guitar. He a good friend and drummer in our band, but also plays some guitar and bass too. (Matter of fact he's playing bass in that old 1996 clip I posted of us doing Little Wing). Anyway he wanted me to go to GC with him last year to look at the Epi LP Elitist, because he wanted a new guitar but didn't want to spend too much. Long story short, after playing quite a few Epi's and Gibby's, we tried this R7 and both fell in love with it. It was just one of those guitars that played and sounded so much nicer than the others for some unknown reason. He talked the guy into selling it for $2500, because he also bought a bunch of other gear besides the guitar.


So even though it's his, I feel a strong bond with it :-k


Here's a clip from Saturday of it playing Whipping Post.



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