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A couple of the luthiers that hang out at the homerecording.com boards are very complimentary of Tru-Oil, which is marketed towards gun owners for use on gun stocks, but they say it works very well as a guitar finish as well.


Standard prep work is required along with several very light coats of Tru-Oil.


Is this what you're asking about?

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The neck on the Peavey HP Special is an unfinished neck...

I will need to clean it eventually...I will also need to treat the wood.

It doesnt have a finish to protect it, so its up to me.

I was told gun oil or lemon oil. I thought id bring it to you fellas

for your opinions.

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Won't the gun oil leave a heavy smell ?


You plan to use this on the back of the neck or fretboard ?


Either way I think that stuff is on thick oily side.


Good luck.


It will definitely give you that oil refinery scent, but if you are seeking the Gilly's theme, you'll have found it. :-k

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