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What was your first amp?

Andre S

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Mine was a HIDEOUS Harley Benton 15W, with an 8'' speaker and some also HIDEOUS built in FX. Chinese made, but that was not the issue. When it was on but I was not touching the guitar, it made sounds so loud and weird that I could swear that an alien tribe of monsters inhabited this thing... Imagine that my wife was almost as happy as I was when I finally replaced it with my Hughes & Kettner, for that feature alone.


Finally... loudness comes only from my fingers now...!

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kustom 10 watt, and i still use it cus i don't know any better xD


should i upgrade? not like i play live shows or anything >.>


when i bought my SG from the collector, he had a BIG Marshall.

he turned on the switch, i started strumming and nothing.

he said the queerest thing to me..."give it a sec, let it warm up."

is it a car? piece of junk, thought I.

then it warmed up and i was like O.O

oh my, that thing was neat 'o

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Besides a little SS practice amp' date=' my first real amp was a 60W hybrid Peavey Classic. I sold it real cheap right after I got married because we moved into an apartment. Wish I would have hung on to it [biggrin





Did that Peavey have the Black Widow speakers?

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