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I have an opportunity to get a Gibson!!! Help me plz!!!


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My dad said that i can probably get a gibson Les Paul!!!:-({|=

I'm thinking about getting A custom!!! or Standard or Traditional.

I know pretty much a lot of stuff about Gibsons, but i give you a right to tell me every thing i need to know.

Gibson Custom is amazing i think everybody will confirm that but i need to know what colors do they come in is it only Black or White??? What do you think about this guitars?

Standard became experimental from 08, so don's really imagine myself playing this guitar.

Traditional must be pretty good as i think but... do they come in vintage sunburst??? or something that look like it. For flame tops im after that Slash got, but don't even try to suggest me to get a Slash's signature guitar. Im not into that[-(

I normally play stuff like Guns n roses, Aerosmith, Led Zepplin maybe a bit of Punk rock but normally Rock 'n' Roll.

What do you think about my stuff??? I guess i should not get anything from the Guitar center, but why?...

So... what guitar will be interesting for me and will play as good as hell?!?!?!:-k

Thanks for your time hope you can help me with(maybe) my future guitar and... dont worry i will post the pics if i get one[biggrin]

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Good for you man, I can ''smell'' your excitement & anticipation all over your post!


Just a tinny detail to ask first: Does your father have a budget in mind...? If not, I would definately get myself a Custom! I dig black guitars, but that's just me (my wife has a thing for the whities. I don't really that would ever be an issue, if I could ever afford one however...! [cool] ).


Traditionals do come in Vintage Sunburst and they do come in Goldtop, which are also my favourite choices.


As far as the kind of music you play (we share the same tastes as well...), as far as you aim for a Les Paul, you're in the ballpark and you can't miss!


My preferences, with budget in mind and in that order are:






But then again, as everyone else will eventually suggest, go to the music stores near you, play as many as you can and yourself A LOT during the process!


good luck man!

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thanks guys' date=' but can you tell me more about this chambered Standards are they any good???

or you will just tell me to go and try them all again?[/quote']


Chambered Standards are good. I have a Classic Antique chambered which is just like a Standard except '57 Classic pickups. The chambered body sounds great and helps your back.

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The more it costs, the better.


At that's what you might think.


Look around, play a few, and buy the one that feels good and sounds good. The rest of the stuff (flashy paint, shiny hardware, fancy name) doesn't matter one lick if you don't like the way it sounds and feels.

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