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a video of me jamming to "whiskey in the jar"

S t e v e

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Great stuff Steve.


Nice vibrato - the one thing that defines a guitarist in my book.


How many jars in was that? You seem pretty well loosened up[biggrin]


One of my fave Lizzy tunes too btw.:-


haha i dont remember how many jars were sunk by this time [biggrin] , if you look at the start of the video i barely remember what the song is called [-(

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just wondering if anyone else on here have posted videos on youtube? this was my first' date=' and i'd love to see you guys jamming...or maybe start a thread where we each cover a classic song? :-k [cool']


I've got a feeling that there might be a collaboration put up in the very near future that most people will like and should get a laugh out of...:-k

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