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LP Classic ceramic pick-ups (why bother)


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Just wondering what people think of this pick-up set 496 and 500T... Ok that's what the guitar comes with... They are very hot (loud). So the question is, why do so many people change them? Why would Gibson offer the LP Classic with those pups if they didn't have some special thing that makes the LP Classic come stock with them? If you buy a LP Classic and then change the pick-ups why not just buy a different model? Money works out about the same...

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originally, the Classic was a better guitar. Not so much anymore.


I think Gibson should merge it with the Standard so that you have the option of a plain or flamed top.


I originally bought my Classic because I really liked the simple, more aged top. And the Standard I compared it to, I now know is a turd that GC has been unable to sell for years...but at the time, I was more of a fanboy to be honest. SI bought the Classic and was somewhat content until I started playing other guitars, particularly my Std Fadedm which is the best guitar I have ever touched.

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I agree the Classic was a little of an enigma. Dealers I've spoken too in the UK can't shift them. It's discontinued now I believe, so any legacy stock lying around is going pretty cheap. They fetch much less on ebay too.


To illustate the point..... In a trade-in recently (for my avatar '07 Standard) I was offered £350 for my '95 LP Studio, which had seen better days, and only £700 for my late '05 Classic which was immaculate.


In other words, the Studio's value just about halved with 13 years of scratches and dents and a somewhat melted finish (long time sat in a cheap stand) - whereas the Classic halved in value for being sat in it's case for 2.5 years.


Ok, trade-in prices aren't always accurate/reliable (another dealer offered £300/£800 for the Studio/Classic respectively) but it does reflect prices on ebay too.


Some of that may be down to the Classic-bashing that goes on here I suppose. :-k


I too went through 2 sets of PUPs before I decided enough was enough. They're going on ebay soon.


I loved the top though, and the off-white inlays were a nice feature.


Gibbo aren't supplying the "1960" scratchplate as a replacement part either, so when that gold paint wears out - you'll have to settle for a plain cream plate.


Ok, I'm done.


Hang on, no I'm not - some people weren't fond of the caps n' pots too.


Now I'm done. :-#

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The 496R/500T combo sounds perfect in an Explorer. Big, ballsy, cuts through the mix like a charm. Great for hard rock and metal.

In a Les Paul, I'm not impressed. I installed a set in my 93 Standard and they didn't last a month before I replaced them with something more musical. They just didn't mesh with that guitar at all...

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Gibson fit them so they can justify charging more for the Standard. I like them anyway' date=' just not in my LP, mine are going in my SG project.[/quote']

I will be curious to know how the SG works with the 496/500 for you. I put them in my SG and I cannot stand them. I have a Seymour Duncan SH-14 for the bridge and I am putting the 490 back in the neck. The problem I have with those pups is that they are one dimensional. But, I am a crappy guitar player, so consider the source. Post a thread when you have them in the SG, I am curious.

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Bought my Classic Plus new in 2001, mainly for the thin neck.

Beautiful top, Cherry bust.


Ceramic pickups sucked compared to two older Standards I had with 498/490's in them.


Put BurstBucker Pro's in it a couple years ago, completely different guitar.


If all I played was metal, they would be okay I guess.


Don't bother....

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