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I had my Gibson LG1 Cloned! - Great Guitar Clock "Gift" idea for yourself!

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I have been away for a bit as I am getting settled into working from home as a full time telecommuter. I am loving it, but it does take some getting used to.


As I was setting up my home office, I noticed an ad on Craigslist that advertised "Guitar Clocks" and clicked the link. I was impressed with the examples I saw and noticed that he also did "Custom" Clocks for an additional $10 above the standard $40 pre-made clocks he had.


I sent an email to get some information and found myself chatting across the miles with a very nice guy in Arizona. I decided to order a custom clock and picked my Gibson LG1 as the "Model" because I have just been loving that little guitar since I got it. At first I had no idea how the clocks were made, but after sending a boatload of photos to him, I figured out what he was looking for..... a straight down photo of my guitar, in natural light with no sides showing. It was then that it dawned on me.... he was going to use the photo (had to be high quality and I was shooting at the highest resolution on my digital.)


Finally after seveal attempts I got one that was going to work. John, the man behind the creations, was really easy and fun to work with and talk about quick turn time..... I just got my clock today after ordering only a little over a week ago!!!


John, at my request, also sent some "Build Photos" that I thought would be fun to show. I would HIGHLY recommend this guy if any of you want your Gibson's (or other favorite) guitars cloned into a beautiful little wall clock. Mine is going in my new home office and I am seriously thinking about ordering one of my 1993 Taylor 612C for my music room. For basically the cost of 4 sets of Elixir Strings, I get to look at my Gibby whenever I need to know if it is time to go play guitar now.


You can get a PDF brochure sent to you by asking John through email at JLACreations@gmail.com























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Hey TP! Man, that is just just too cool!!! I'll be the first to say, I believe that guy is gonna get a lot of busines from the folks here on the Forum! I'll say it again, that is just too cool!!!!!

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Well apparently I am locked out as Taylor Player again.... My computer crashed last night right after I posted this and when I got back on it won't let me log back in as Taylor Player.....


KSDaddy is helping me with that, so I should be back as me shortly!


Meanwhile, Karen..... I don't know if he ships to Canada.... If he does, don't order any Brazillian Wood! :)


I could see Magic as a clock! The thing I like best about this clock is that it really is "My" guitar. I can see all the little dings and dongs on the guitar and hell, it just looks good on my wall!

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Way cool. What a great idea. I'd love to have one of these in the likeness of my LG1.


The fun thing is it will be exactly like your LG1' date=' or J200 or Les Paul or whatever guitar you can shoot a good photo straight down with. You can't have any sides showing in the photo. It took me several attempts to get it exactly right, but it was worth it. When you look at the clock you can see every imperfection of my real Gibson right down to the finish cracks! Even the light and dark areas of the Brazillian Fretboard is visable. Pretty cool if you ask me.


I was thinking of doing my Taylor, but I am not sure... the Maple back looks so much cooler than the front. I wonder if he has ever done a backside clock? [angry

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That is one Jim Dandy Idea TP.


I just wanna pick up that little shaver and start playin' her.


SO' date=' uh... :-k when are you gonna put gems on your LG-1?




Woo Hoo!!! I am back as myself (minus my TP post count! :- )


Thanks KSdaddy for getting me a new password sent.


As to bejeweling my LG1............. NEVER!!!! (Only Taylor Swift is allowed to do that and NEVER to a Gibson, only a Taylor [blink] )

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