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epiphone special pickguard


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AllParts sells a few SG pickguards, if Epiphone doesn't have one. I think I would check with Epiphone Customer Service to see if there's a part number for one. If so, you can order it from your dealer. If not, I would check AllParts. Alternatively, if you can cut one out of a piece of stiff paper, marking where you want the holes, there are a few shops that will cut one for you: I've used all three of these guys before, and Terrapin did the best job of the three.


1-WD Music


3-Terrapin Guitars (does nice work)

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I'm using layered plastic called "Gravoply" bought through my local plastics supplier. It is an two layer

black on white engraving plastic that I use for my project guitar headstock.


If you need some kind of custom pickguard shape that is not available through dealers or on line

suppliers, try Stew-Mac for pickguard materials; black/white/black or white/b/w or some of the other

colour options they have available.


Cut out a cardboard shape, and determine where you want the holes ,then trace it onto the plastic sheet.

You can use a coping saw to cut the shape out, then bevel the edges with flat file.

They also supply gold/chrome pickguard mounting brackets, if that is required.

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Meh. The volume knob on the Specials tends to get in the way of any stock-shaped pickguards, so you're pretty much stuck with a custom-made solution. As mentioned, lots of suppliers sell sheets of laminated plastic, if you shop hard enough you can even get the vintage b/w/b/w/b five-ply stuff. However... it seems like a lot of cost and effort for a $175 guitar IMO... but if you want to learn the mysterious trade of pickguard-making, well, have at it. Try and find a buddy with a band saw, it makes the cutting a lot easier.

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