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I have a 56 Goldtop les paul


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FWIW - I put a Gibson TP-6 tail piece in mine and it didn't require any modification. Every other Epi Les Paul I've tried them on requires you to pull the pegs and insert the Gibson ones.


Really adds to the sustain too.


That's interesting, my guitar also has a Gibson TP6, but I had to widen the slots in it to fit the stock screws, without having to change out everything else too, but it did improve sustain, not hugely, but it is noticeable, I think the biggest difference was noticed when I "lost" the stock bridge, and replaced it with a Gotoh, I'm not entirely sure if I was listening to the naysayers when I did that or not, it was do-able stock.

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@Matiac - The funny thing is that the gold top was the first guitar I tried the TP-6 on. It didn't slide right on - it took a little effort - but it wasn't forced. After I was done, I thought 'great' I'll just put one of these bad-boys on everything. I tried it on 2-3 other guitars and it wasn't even close.


Here's a close-up of mine.



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