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Simple question!


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I have the lp studio.. got a sunburst.. and I love it.

For me the G400s advantages are:

the back of the guitar doesn't dig into your ribs.. I have to wear my lp lower cause I'm skinny and that smarts.

The G400 has easier upper fret access.. a pretty minor point I think.


on the other hand, I'm sure the lp has a bit more sustain. but not as bright a tone.

the lp is heavier, too.

I don't like how close the controls are on the G400..


If you're talking about a bolt neck sg type epi.. go with the set neck goth studio..


I have about fifteen guitars.. I play my lp studio everyday.

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Hmmm... A turd? or a piece of crap?


Life is full of difficult decisions...


If you want a guitar that's made of masonite, then go with the Goth LP... Can't say that masonite is very well known for its tone, though...


If you want a plywood guitar, that has horrible pickups, useless tuners and probably needs a full on fret job right out of the box, then go for SG special..

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SG is a Gibson name. Do you mean the G-400? I know' date=' I have gotten into the habit of calling all guitars of that type SG.[/quote']


Epiphone now calls the G-400 an SG. It's part of the "SG Collection" with the G-400 being one of the models. The newer ones even have "SG" truss rod covers.

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