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Hi i'm josh i'm new on this site but i was wondering if you guys know much about putting a bigsby b-70 on an epiphone standard les paul. I bought a real nice les paul and i have been doing some real cool mods to it but i don't know much about putting on a bigsby is it pretty easy. Oh one more thing i was also thinking about installing some creme emgs pickups into i really like emgs. but i don't want to lose that les paul sound do you think it will still sound real les paul like if i do this thanks


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Josh, welcome to the site! You'll dig it here, strange assortment of folks but the mix keeps it interesting. First off a Bigsby install IS straightforward but you need to study up on it a bit before you dive right in. Placement is important, (don't want extra holes), and alignment is really important. Check out some instructional on YouTube and I'm thinking there's some insights on the Bigsby site itself. By all means don't just guess at it or be in a hurry during the install, take your time and I'm sure you can do it. As for the EMGs, do they make 'em in creme now? Tone just depends on what you want, if you're looking for metal and you like the Wylde then there you go, but if your tastes run more toward the established LesPaul associated tones (Classic Rock, Blues, etc.) then your're probably gonna find EMGs kinda sterile or lacking in warmth. Look for something listed as a Vintage or PAF type tone. One of the hottest topics around here lately is the P90. Most that have commented as to how they simply didn't know what they were missing tone wise until they got a set. Having humbuckers now you'll probably have to get a humbucker sized copy for ease of install like a SeymourDuncan PhatCat or a GFS Mean90 if you decided to give that a go. You might hit a few pickup or guitar manufacturers sites and listen to some sound clips of different pickups in LesPaul type guitars. A - B comparisons like that can sometimes help you decide if what you're hearing in your head is about to be what you're about to drop into your cavities. Hope this was some help to you and again welcome to the nuthouse....



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Yes, emgs are fine!


I installed a bigsby b70 on my les paul.


I can show you pictures of the whole operation.

It really doesn't require that you take it to a tech.


The drilling involved is in the hinged tail section.. which doesn't line up exactly with the strap pin hole.

It has three holes. Once center, and two at the sides.


And the top section which has two screw holes you must drill into the top.

Those are all done after you have the bigsby mounted and in secure correct position, and can only be done after you have done that,

so it's pretty hard to miss the holes!


I can take you through it step by step via email if you like. Just get together with me about when you're going to do it, and we can do it real time

if you like.


I replaced my bridge with a schaller roller.. which wasn't the best choice since I had to replace the bushings.. different size.

There's a nice roller bridge that fits epis perfectly, and has more intonation travel in the bridges, as well as more weight for better




Here's a couple of pics.. I apologise for their size.. I've really got to get in there and reduce size on thes3.





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I do a thing with kite string strings.. you can get good tension on the bigsby and everything lined up just right.

you mark the holes on the masking tape to protect your finish while you set it up.

I didn't bother with the drill press, I just used a hand drill, came out fine.

Gotta have some care there, but it's straight holes if you take your time, and the right depth.

they're pretty small screws.

you want to not chip your paint. so leave the tape on to drill the holes.

and wrap masking tape around the drill bit tip to mark the length of the screw.



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Good info and tips. I put one on my LP copy. I lined it up basically like Twang. If you are afraid you might not get it right, take it to a luthier, but it really isn't that tough of a job. It just requires a little time and patience. Like was mentioned earlier, measure twice, cut once.


Another thing to take into account. Some of the holes from the stop tailpiece will show, Twang did a nice job covering his. I didn't have to deal with that because mine didn't have a stop tailpiece.


Here is mine.


Laying it out and beginning to line it up:







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man that's pretty jc... !


oh yeah about the holes..

if you look at the third pic of mine.. it shows the dowel in the tailpiece where the bushing used to be.

if you look at the first pic, you can see on the low E side a piece of aluminum I cut out a polished up which is glued over

where part of the dowel showed.

In the second pic you can see the little piece of pickguard material I added to cover a much smaller portion of the

dowel on that side.


I'll make you those if you want. No charge!

It only costs a stamp to mail them.


although the first pic shows that piece as dark. that's just shadow. it matches the bigsby.


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