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how high is too high?

Stevie Nazarenie

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Well, those are suggestions....not absolutes. I feel, it depends on the player, and his personal needs/requirements.

It's like string size preferences...everyone has their own. (Some) "Lead" guitarist, who do lots of bending, may need something

different, than strictly rhythm players, may need...in both height, and guage. But, it really just depends on the individual.

If High and Big, make You happy, that's cool!


I should add, too...that a really good "set up," will allow both lower action, good tone, and little to No buzzing.



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Guest icantbuyafender

just reading this and checked my wilshire as it was literally at hand...


funny I noticed a hairline crack in the finish at the nut . its where they glue down the fretboard to the neck.... its like as if the humidity from an outdoor gig caused stress in the glue. I tried to see if it had "wiggle" room but it seems like itis still glued and on the finish applied over the edge cracked. anyone else have this happen?

btw I replaced my nut and saddles on it. this is why I noticed. string saddles are pain to remove thanks to the retainer wire on the bridge... ughhhh!! LOL better be worth it.

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Actually' date=' it's a clever ploy by Gibson to reduce warranty complaints about string buzz:-k [/quote']


I agree.


And let's not forget that Gibson are notorious for poor factory set ups. If you read the reviews on HC, you'll find that most people complain about the action being way too high out of the box. Gibson are now trying to say they're doing it "for the sake of tone", when essentially they're just being sloppy.


The argument for slightly higher string placement is often made with respect to acoustics, and that makes sense: With an acoustic guitar, your volume and tone come entirely from how hard you strike the strings. That doesn't really apply to the same extent, when playing through an amp.


In the end this bit of "wisdom" comes from the same people who brought you the Gibson Jimi Hendrix-"Little Wing"-Stratu-Kaster, and that means:


"Buyer beware!"

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