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Confused about pricing.


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Musicians Friend has the 58 reissue in a few different zones. The Tobacco is $3399.00.


The Bourbonburst is $3099.00.


There are other color options, I'm just giving these two.


My question, is color the only difference in these guitars? Is the Tobacco really $300.00 more, or is something else different? What am I missing here?





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The Bourbon is probably a VOS...meaning it doesn't have a glossy finish. Coincidentally' date=' a VOS finished guitar is $300 cheaper than a gloss finished guitar.


(Come on people, that was an easy one! =D>)[/quote']



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I missed a slow pitch!


I don't really follow the VOS thing, it didn't occur to me.


My point was to call Gibson and find out what the real retail list price is on the different guitars.

If the list is the same, but the sale price is vastly different, you have a better idea what the seller is doing.


Several guitars I've bought had an inflated list price written on the hang tag to make the "discount" look more generous.

Very common practice among some dealers, and you have no way of knowing from an online warehouse.

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