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I just wondered if anybody else in the gibson forum was interested in the 50's, 60's, & 70's classic cars also? Would this be Billy Gibbons syndrome or classic car "gas". I don't know. Anybody with some nice rides?????

Tho it's too cold for classic cars in ohio now. Just wanted to see some nice cars. BTW, we have a 1969 mercury cougar convertible, big block. Yup a 428 cj.

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Stored in my Cow barn right now, is a car I'd LOVE for the owner to finally part with. Been in there off & on for 20 years.

Glass is the only thing that is good, but I know some great body guys who could help me restore this car to original, just need to find the original 396/375


1967 Chevelle is hard to come by!

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I used to work as a car specialist rebuilding and modifying US cars. Mainly working on engines, but with other parts of the car too. I've worked on many beauties, although none of them were real classics. The oldest was probably a '72 Lincoln Continental Coupe. I personally owned one '76 Mach 1 and four Fox-chassis Mustangs ('78!, '79x2, and an '83). Those were great cars for modding. Unfortunately real vintage cars like '68-'70 muscle cars are very rare here. Really envy on You guys! [smile]

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In the same barn as the 67, I also have an all original, numbers matching, RUNNING, 48 Ford F-2 pickup with a flathead V-8. My brother-in-law bought it about 10 years ago for $650. We had to re-wire it and put a new generator on it, but it runs pretty darn well for a 52 year old truck.

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I still have my hot-rod from my teenage years, a 1973 Pontiac Trans Am, 455 C.I. bad boy. It's been stored away for many years, and is in need of major body, interior, and suspension/undercarriage restoration. The only thing I've really maintained over the last 15 or 20 years has been the engine. Turn the key, and it fires right up. Once a month or so (weekly during the summer) I run it up to temperature, keep fresh oil and gas in it, and keep it tuned and timed to perfection (I think maybe I just like to hear it run).


My wife would really like to see it sold. Seems to me mt last wife would have really liked to have seen it sold too. I have no idea why I keep, just one of those things. I guess it's my last grasp of my youth.


You really don't want to see pictures of it in it's current state (it's kinda sad), I'll try to find one from it's glory years.

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Hello! Yes. For example Jensen Interceptor had a Mopar 440 engine. The V12 Jag had TH-400 GM transmission.

For me the 50's and 60's was a halcyon period for UK sports cars


Sunbeam Alpine


Triumph TR






Rover...some even had US engines <_<


V...6 and 8



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I don't have any classic cars but I have some classic car colored guitars!


Shell Pink '56 DeSoto Firedome




Shell Pink '60 Custom Shop Strat




"Sky Blue" 2001 Fender American Stratocaster

"Sky Blue" 1955 Lincoln



Caramel Metallic 1964 Dodge Dart




Caramel Metallic 2005 Fender Cyclone




John Milner's "American Graffiti" Yellow '32 Ford Deuce Coupe




"Graffiti Yellow" 2004 Fender Cyclone


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