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J45 TV or the Southern Jumbo TV


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Having a limitless supply of guitars to choose from, it's getting harder and harder to choose...


So i turn to those who have gone before me:


Should the pre-order go to the J45TV or the Southern Jumbo TV??


What's the real difference between the two?


I have both. Their backs are braced differently. The J45 TV's back braces are lighter, as their scallop starts much further from the edges of each brace than those on the SJ TV. I can't remember if this applies to just the upper two back braces or all four, but if you use the search feature, you might find one of my older posts that has more extensive information.


The J45TV also has a red spruce top, while the SJ TV's is Sitka.


Both have a great sound. My J45 TV is warmer, smoother, and had deeper bass; my SJ TV is a little chunkier and brassier.


From my perspective, you can't go wrong either way. They are close siblings with some small differences in personality that wouldn't mean much to some, but might make a great deal of difference to another.


Red 333

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When I went looking for my first ever Gibson guitar about a year ago, I also narrowed my choices down to the two you mention. Where I live in Sweden, there was no possibility to try either one before purchasing. In the end, the J-45 TV won out. I have a couple of Martins with red spruce tops and like them better than their Martin sitka counterparts. Based on that preference, whatever it is worth in the world of Gibsons, I went with the red spruce J-45 TV. I have no regrets whatsoever, but on the other hand I have never played the sitka SJ TV...


If you can play both, simply go with the one you like the best. If that is not a possibility, see if you can find a similar red spruce guitar by another maker to get a feel for what that top wood will bring. In my opinion, the top wood is the most significant difference between the two guitars.



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Danner -


What a beauty.


Love the size of the burst there. [thumbup]


Thanks, the guitar is all rather dark and tobacco'y. I rarely express my affection for this guitar because people give me strange looks, like I might think it's human or something. But, I do truly love this instrument.

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