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! Any thoughts or knowledge 'bout this creature ?


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Wow !


A real solid body Gibson acoustic.


I gotta have it !



" 1952 Gibson 6 string, solid body J 45 Guitar has been in my Family for 40 years and has been a absolute joy to play!! Factory Order Numbers (FON) is Z34367 Please go to this web add. to Verify the reverse FON. http://www.kellyindustries.com/guitars/gibson_serial_numbers.html I have only seen one other the Guitar with a dark sunburst. Gibson told me that because it was first year solid body late 30's wood was used. ( Mahogany ) The name William is stamped inside, this is the first year Lester William Polsfuss came aboard. Better known a Less Paul! Will be glade to send more pictures! "


$(KGrHqF,!isE2KEr8(lzBNqh3emLYQ~~_12.JPG. . $(KGrHqR,!joE2IP2E8ufBNqh-SlRkg~~_12.JPG

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Yeah . . . . . . the seller is a real tool.


His text is hilarious - " Less Paul " . . . [lol]


Less Paul, more Chetroom banter, I suspect. Also, I notice he'll be glade to send more information - all the way from Florida! I think I'd be looking west towards Louisiana and saying good bayou.

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