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NGD!! Les Paul 60's Tribute Gold Top


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In the same week i got my Gretsch White Falcon, this arrives aswell... Gibson Les Paul 60's Tribute Gold Top.


I ordered one 3 months ago, but the shop i ordered with still never had theres in and i was aware other shops were showing them in stock. After phoning a few of these places, they all had them with 3, 4 and even 5 piece backs. I would have been content with the 3 piece, had i not found this......




A 1 piece body. Couldnt believe my luck, and was the last Gold Top in Scotland.









Loving it at the moment, im used to P90's from playing my SG Classic, but from a Les Paul and THAT sustain, they really speak out. The guitar is lighter than i was expecting, although i know they are chambered. Im thinking maybe in the future maybe buffing the body to give it a shine (how, im not exactly sure, but im sure i would find out), but for now i am happy to give it the playing she deserves.

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What a great week! I've looked longingly many times at White Falcons, but haven't yet pulled the trigger. One of these days. . .


I got two of the '50s Tributes last year, a Gold Top and an Ebony, and love them both. And I know what you mean about the P90s. I also have an SG Classic that was my first P90 guitar and love it, but the sustain is really spectacular on the LPs.


Congratulations! Enjoy it (and the White Falcon).

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Would you look at the curves on that top!! [drool]

Last one in Scotland you say?? well lad..that lass is meant to be a special 'un


She is beautiful mate...HNGD..and enjoy!! (both the tribute and the Falcon)


Can you put up pics of her with the Falcon??

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Thanks guys, to say im chuffed is an understatement. Just seems a coincedence ive managed to be so lucky to find a one-piece when i was looking for one...some other guy could have bought this, not knowing what they had.


And for those wanting pics of the Falcon, here she is...





Also in the same week, i received my gold pickguards and truss rod cover from pickguardian, so got them onto my '11 Ricky 330/6




Best guitar week ever.

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Ahhh yes, the beautiful White Falcon.


And a Ric too. Love 'em. Currently I've got a 360/12.


I like the vintage gold. You ought to thing about a set of vintage oven knobs - black with gold diamonds - http://www.pickofthericks.com/products/Rickenbacker-4-pc-Vintage-TV-Knob-Set-03572.html


You can complete the look with a little gold model paint over the white indicator line on the little fifth knob.



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