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OK , so this looks like i took a grinder to my R9, but i LOVE the way it plays and sounds.




i think i'm naming it 'Carrie', after the Steven King horror film. :)


for comparison, here's the "prom queen":




sound clip, here's the star spangled banner, played on the BFG into garageband:


star spangled banner


Happy Independence Day!



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Nice! One of these days I'm going to add a BFG to my stock. There's ablack one at the pawn shop up the road from my house but they think it's worth $999.



Very true, ESP since the newest one is ~100. more...


This guitar is extremely light (hollow), but the neck feels really fast to me and I love the pickup combination.


I've made a few mods already too: a shielded wire to the kill switch, truss rod cover, sanded the tailpiece to improve ground contact to strings.


Highly recommend playing one, it's a gas! :)

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