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HNGD! :)


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So, my white wilshire pro came from MF today, I bought it used (condition 2). I used their coupon code for 10% off used gear, and ordered by phone. Where I got a cheaper shipping rate, $13 instead of $60, so here I m thinkin I got a great deal, and the UPS guy has a $54 fee for me... I was absolutely thrilled.


First impresions, sounds good acoustically, store display condition, the frets are a little rusty... Plugged in, very...loud and buzzy. If you take your hands off the strings, or bridge, or switch it gets noisy. Visually, better than expected... I was planning to get a black pickguard cut right away... I'm not so sure now... VERY light weight. Plugged in, it didn't sound right to me...very loud, and, well...i really don't know how to describe it, but it was weird...


I'll mess around with pup height, change the strings and give it a bit of a set up before I really judge that though...


I'll post some pics after I change the strings, which should be tomorrow, and I'll give a full review after I get it set up professionally, which will be after MF's 45 day satisfaction guarantee is up, and I've decided for sure that it'll be staying . . .


Also, if you wanted a bigger neck, you'd have to use the whole tree! Seriously though, its huge, and very round...but, still pretty comfortable.

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Congrats on the new guitar! I feel your pain when it comes to the UPS fees. Whenever us Canadians get things shipped from the US, it costs dearly if the shipper uses UPS.

I now ask shippers not to use them if possible.


Let us know how you do with the buzzing problem. There are a lot of very knowledgeable people here who might be able to help.

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So, I still haven't changed the strings, just ran some tin foil up and down em (shiny side) to get some rust off, they still sound good.







Crooked Strap Button:


Its a little bit neck heavy, but not enough to damage it, or bother me. I played around around with it a bunch more today, and found my favorite place for the controls is both pups, coil tapped, and volume + tone maxed, and the amp volume maxed, sounds great for power chordy, grungy/rocky stuff, which seems to be what my skill lacking self does best. I noticed some flecky black stuff on the guitar, and figured out it was coming from behind the pickguard, so I removed it, which led me to the discovery that ALL the pickguard screw were put in at an angle, and that the pickguard was being held on by paint...shielding paint, which was gobbed up sloppily out of the control rout, and I'd say the PG got put on while it was still wet...i got rid of some of that, so no more black flecks [thumbup]


I'm thinking I'll upgrade the PUPs and electronics (which, btw are all mini pots [unsure]) someday, but it really isn't a requirement. No buzzing, or other noise today :-k hopefully it stays that way. I wasn't so sure it was gonna stay at first, but I like it a bit more every time I see it...


I think I see more Wilshires in my future...


BTW, I've also noticed a few finish flaws, the paint line around the headstock is uneven in places, and, on the top (when playing the guitar) of the headstock there is a bit of a ridge, maybe the term would be a run? Where there is a thicker gob of finish coming down the edge, towards the neck, not overly noticeable, but its there. A few minor imperfections, but they don't really bug me. +:-@ Also (this is the last thing), the top (silver) part of one of the volume knobs has a little bit of a crack in it. As long as it sounds good, for about $260 CDN in total I'd say I'm happy.

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That is one very sharp looking geet LSAR...


HNGD [thumbup]


& I love your poster too... What year was that concert?


Thanks y'all!

It was 1982, wish I could've been there one of the lucky ones to be there...wasn't even alive at that point though..:




Also, finally got some new strings on there today:




Can't say I've noticed the difference some claim from top wrapping, but I figured I'd give it a try...

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