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COOL!!!! Man, you're really on a roll with all these Lovepedal units aren't ya! They need to make you a sig. pedal. The Les Lius is a good one. Much like EVOL!, I would have no use for it ( Im not a dirt box into a Dr. Z type. I'm a Marshall JCM 800 with a boost pedal in front type. Not really high gain, but its enough for the K Man. Think Metallica Ride The Lighting tone but with a ton more mids. I like 6ca7 tubes, and I prefer my treble off, presence at 10 o clock, bass, mids, and gain dimed out, and master variable. ), but Id really love to have one. You should check out Barber Electronics and Retro Sonic pedals. The former makes boosts, dirt boxes, compressors, distortions, etc. The latter makes clones of classic pedals ( and by classic I mean this: their overdrive is a modded 808, their chorus is a CE-1 clone, their compressor is based on the gray Ross comp, etc ). Im considering picking up the Barber Direct Drive, and the Retro Sonic overdrive, compressor, and phaser. First Id like to get a custom made Trailer Trash pedalboard though.

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