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NFPD yeah!!


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All bow down to the awesomeness that is Dub-T-123!!!! He made me this sweet pedal that I just grabbed from the post office. (Using his pics since I JUST got it)...


Haven't tried it yet but damn he's good at building these. Check out its guts!!!




Dub I hope you don't mind me sharing these pics with the forum. I am very impressed and I can't wait to try it out....another hour or so and I can wail away.

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Really you have time to turn on a PC, link photos and post this to the internet; yet dont have time to flip a switch on your amp and plug in?


We have to talk about your priorities.......... lol


Nice looking pedal



Who built this?


I'm at work!!!! Got no guitar or amp at the office...


Our very own Dub-T-123 built it man... he's good!!

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OK dudes...i only had time to do a VERY quick and dirty demo of the new pedal...no warmup so my fingers are cold and im playing very badly!!! No excuses though. :)


I just did this one riff....starts of with the clean setting on my Blackstar HT-40 and then i do the same riff with the Rat...then one more old riff thats fun to play...i'll put a better demo up on the weekend as I think I will have more time so this is just a taste to get your mouth watering. (maybe!)




Anyone care to guess at what guitar I was playin? Some of you know which ones i have...

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I'm stoked that you got it Shred! I really hope you enjoy it man!


Does Dub do all the graphics himself and is it some sort of modded RAT?

Haha yeah I cut a stencil out on some film paper with an exacto knife and sprayed it on with some spraypaint.


If you look at the guts picture, you can see the test spray that I did on the bottom plate. It's all fuzzy looking, but I got it nicer on the front haha


And yeah it's a Rat with the lm308 and all that jazz, plus the ruetz knob thingy and a switch that toggles between standard clipping, no diodes, and LEDs. I like dem LEDs, plus they pulse as you play if you look inside while it's going..


So pretty much it goes from a slightly gritty clean boost (with no clipping diodes) to full on ratty distortion and everything in between. Lots of sweet OD action..


Thanks for the kind words too errbody =D

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Thanks Jon S!


And thanks for posting that clip John. I love the sound you make when you first turn the Rat on. That was perfect haha (where's the head banging smiley)


Man I can't wait to play with it some more.....people nooo...THE PEDAL!! I want to explore all the sounds I can get out of it..its very versatile!!


Here's my problem...i'm headed to Florida on Sunday afternoon for a week and won't be able to play!! Good and bad, right? :)

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