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I've posted this in the acoustic section (where I usually post) but am sticking it here as well (I know a lot of you electric guys don't venture over there).


So, I've been a member of the forum for a few years now (not the most prolific of posters but I like to browse daily). I've always written and performed my own songs and was recently lucky enough to find a kindred spirit to write, perform and record with. This was about a year ago and we've just finished recording our first album 'Peace To The Wanderer'.


The album officially comes out at the end of June with a supporting tour to follow shortly after, but we have just received a 3 track promo sampler.


I've uploaded the tracks from the sampler to Youtube and posted them below and would love some feedback. Also, if anyone is in the UK and is up for getting together for a few gigs at somepoint, that would be fantastic! You can hook up with us on our facebook page


Oh, and more importantly than all that, at least 3 Gibsons were used in the recordings (J45, Les Paul Gold Top Historic, Mandolins)


Anyway, we're called Birdbrother and you can have a listen one of the tracks below (the other 2 are on our youtube channel)


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